Want a Larger Penis?

Unless you have a 13” penis, I’d imagine that you harbor secret thoughts about growing your dick to a size that will impress the women & wow them in bed.

I always desired a bigger one and I’m sure millions of other men do, too.

I think all of us have wild fantasies about whipping out a big one & making our presence known to our lover.

permanent-penis-growthWhat can you do to make your penis larger?

Is it even possible to “grow” it to a respectable size?

You bet it is and I’m going to share with you several paths you can take to get good results. Some of them produce temporary enlargement while others deliver permanent results.

Temporary Enlargement Methods

Interested in temporary enlargement? Many men are, especially ones who have problems with weak erections or don’t have time to work a permanent enlargement program. The methods listed below will provide instantaneous results that will last up to an hour.

  • Penis Pills – Pills offer temporary help with most types of erection problems, as well as increasing your sperm count, ejaculation fluid, and sexual energy. Most of them work by increasing blood flow to your penis, making it temporarily bigger but it will shrink back to normal size after a short while. You can find any type of pill on the Internet but the best ones are made with all-natural, herbal ingredients.
  • Penis Pumps – Pumps deliver temporary enlargement results by using air or water combined with pressure to expand your penis. They offer a quick route to a bigger dick although the results usually won’t last beyond an hour or so.

Permanent Enlargement Methods

If you want permanent penis enlargement, you must be willing to commit yourself to working a program that will require a good deal of your time (unless you want to subject yourself to a surgeon’s knife). Men who want a bigger manhood don’t always realize how hard they must work to get one. However, if you want it bad enough, what’s a few months of hard work compared with a lifetime of having a penis you’re ashamed of? The methods listed below provide permanent enlargement.

  • Surgery – Having surgery to enlarge your penis is probably the last option you should ever consider. There are no guarantees that you will gain a significantly larger manhood plus there are all types of health risks associated with this type of surgery. It’s both expensive and risky. I would never consider it.
  • Penis Extender Device – Stretchers (or Extenders) offer the only surefire way to a larger penis. They work by “stretching” your penis to the point where it develops small tears in the tissue. These miniscule tears, when healed, develop into new tissue, causing your penis to become larger. Pairing stretchers with penis exercises leads to faster results.
  • Penis Stretching Exercises – Stretching exercises will lead to permanent enlargement but work must faster when paired with a stretcher device. Exercises will help you strengthen your manhood, as well as improve any minor performance problems you may have.

Both Penis Stretcher Devices and Penis Stretching Exercises are safe routes towards penis enlargement and deliver numerous other benefits, especially when used together. See below for the added advantages offered by using them:

  • Gains in flaccid & erect penis states
  • Penis Straightening
  • Treatment for Peyronies Disease (corrects up to 70% & is doctor recommended)
  • Treatment for Bent Penis
  • Great improvement in Sexual Stamina & Performance

Which enlargement method should you choose?

If you desire temporary enlargement, try using herbal, all-natural penis pills. They deliver a number of other benefits, including increased stamina, elevated sperm production, and improved sexual energy. They are also easy-to-use, quick, and discreet.

penis_extenderFor permanent enlargement, you should opt for penis stretching.

Your best bet is to purchase a high-quality stretcher (extender) and pair it with penis exercises. Many top-rated extenders come with an exercise program so if you purchase one of those, you will be on the road to a larger manhood.