SizeGenetics Review – TOP Rated Extender

With SizeGenetics, a clinically proven method to increase the size of your penis, you can achieve the results you have always dreamed of, in the privacy of your home.

SizeGenetics offers a safe and natural alternative to all those cheap extenders with their false promises and side effects. There is no reason to try a low quality knock-off when you can use a medically tested product to comfortably and easy make your penis the size you have always wished for.

Years of research and development make the SizeGenetics one of the best solutions if you want to enlarge your penis permanently.


Why we rate it as #2?


SizeGenetic is a good product, designed to increase the size of the penis substantially and safely.

It is a tested and proven product and here are some of the reasons that we consider it as one of the best on the market.

They offer many advantages that other manufacturers don’t. Check them out:

  • 58-Way Ultimate System with 3M advanced comfort plasters.

While other penile extenders exhibit issues with the products slipping, users often report discontinuing usage due to discomfort and state that the extenders are difficult to wear that is not a problem with SizeGenetics.

The 58 way support structure has so many different ways it can be utilized that you can easily find one that fits your individual needs.

58-way-comfort2You can use the noose, the strap holding fixture, or both of these.

This means no slippage, which translates to better results.

Everyone is different and SizeGenetics lets everyone find their own comfort zone.

  • MDA Technology – allows you to wear the device at any angle you desire.

Most of the devices that are on the market share a common problem that is they can only be utilized at one angle.
Using anything that disallows free range of movement is not only uncomfortable, it is unnecessary.

penis-stretching-resultThis technology lets you pick from myriad angles that are easily changed, so that you can use the device,
with ease and comfort.

Utilizing the MDA Technology, along with the 58 way support system gives you unprecedented control, as well as being non-slip.

With its tighter grip and higher comfort level, SizeGenetics can be worn longer so you get a bigger penis in weeks.

The SizeGenetics offers:

  • Authentic Medical Certification – provides proof that several different doctors have endorsed SizeGenetics as an effective penis enlarger
  • Free exercise program – aids you in strengthening your erections
  • Ability to help correct Curved Penis
  • 16+ years of experience
  • Free shipping
  • Rapid Delivery Service

This product was tested by our team of experts before being rated for this SizeGenetics Review.

Packages and price

Check out the comparison table to see why the Ultimate package is the best value since it includes everything you could possibly need for good results.

Here’s the lowdown on prices from SizeGenetics:

Starter Basic Ultimate System
Penis extender
Comfort System 16-way 58-way 58-way
MDA Technology
Multi Head Piece
Penis Exercises
Cream & Powder

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Shipping is free on all package sizes and SizeGenetics now has a Rapid Delivery System that ensures fast delivery right to your door.

Our recommendation is that you purchase either the Starter or Ultimate System.

Yes, you will get the quality SizeGenetics device with the Starter Kit but you don’t get the 58-way Comfort System unless you order one of the larger packages.

Although $348.95 may seem expensive for the Ultimate, you get all the tools you need to enlarge your penis, rendering it a complete system, not just a device.

PenisHealth™ is a very reputable penis exercise program and will provide the extra boost to get faster results.

Is SizeGenetics worth the money it costs?

money-backLook at it this way…since SizeGenetics is one of the best-selling extender device on the market, then you know it is a high-quality, proven device.

Judging by all the positive reviews written on this product (all across the Internet), there are tons of happy & satisfied customers.

Many of them attest that they have gained up to
1 inch in length and 0.5 inch in girth.

What do you think those results would be worth to you?

What Can SizeGenetics Do for You?

  • Increase Penis Length and Girth
  • Improve Erectile Function
  • Straighten Your Penis

* Please note that results may vary by individual and by exercise regime.

What results should YOU expect?

bigger-penisYou get a bigger penis.

Using an extender puts a consistent light stretch on your penis. This is painless and will not affect normal penile functions.

Stretching the penile tissue forces it to react with cell division to fill the miniscule spaces caused by the traction. This will occur over and over and you will begin to notice enlargement in both length and girth (thickness).

What makes SizeGenetics different is that it uses a 58 way comfort combined with MDA technology. This allows more tension to be applied with minimal discomfort giving you more gains without the risk of injury.

Should you purchase this Extender?

SizeGenetics used to be our favorite product but not anymore. SizeGenetics recently upgraded their product by enabling it to support up to 2800 Grams of Tension. They also teamed up with 3M in hopes of improving the effectiveness and comfort of their product but the end result is simply a more expensive product that does not provide you better results.

If you look at their website it clearly says SizeGenetics is better than products manufactured in China – which could be true or not (we do not review and test China-made products) but they say nothing about the big players in the field – e.g. high quality penis enlargement devices manufactured in Canada, for example.

  • The SizeGenetics top features are their 3M advanced comfort plasters, the 58-way support system and 2800 Grams of Tension you get for $398.95.
  • With Quick Extender Pro (our best rated product) you get much more for less – for $349 you get Specially Calibrated 4000 Grams of Tension, DSS Support (better than the SizeGenetics 58-Way Support) and the Booster Penis Pump.
  • If you are serious about enlarging your penis with a high-quality, tried-and-proven extender, then you should choose our Top Rated product. It may be priced a little high but it will deliver the most bang for your buck.

Our Advice: By purchasing the Quick Extender Pro, you will be getting a complete system devoted to enlarging your penis fast and easy.

If, however, you can’t spend that kind of money, then you might consider the Quick Extender Value Edition or check out some of our other extender reviews to find a better product.


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