Quick Extender Pro – #1 Penis Enlarger

Do you want the best method of being able to increase the size of your penis?

What you might want to try then is the Quick Extender Pro.

It offers a consistent form of traction that can increase the girth and length of virtually any penis in a few months at most. It’s a good, proven to work solution.

We rate the Quick Extender Pro as the best option for penis enlargement.

Why we rate it #1?

This unique penis enlargement device is made from medical materials and is a solid design.

Why do we say that this is a “unique” product?

It is because of the DSS that is included with the Quick Extender Pro.

It is the most superior products on the market.

In addition the Quick Extender Pro offers many advantages that other manufacturers don’t.

Key Features

Here are some of the features that make QE Pro Extenders so good:

  • The DSS is a unique feature that enables you to wear the extender more comfortable by a majority of men.
  • That’s simply means you get more comfort and better results due to the fixation available in the DSS system.
  • DSS Support provides you the comfort you need to see fast results.

DSSBetter comfort means bigger, faster penis enlarment!

The double support system, or DSS, prevents too much tension or weight from being applied to the head of the penis.

Instead of having all the weight of the product being placed at the base and head, the Quick Extender Pro places the weight evenly along the entire shaft of the penis.

This is useful for all day wear because it is more adaptable, but is especially beneficial for at-home wearing options.

We do really like the design of the double noose in particular.

DSS Support helps you use it anywhere, at home, at work; sitting & walking.

Although the noose isn’t always the best way to secure a penis, the Quick Extender Pro won’t get the sweat build-up of Velcro or cloth straps like other extenders can.

There’s no place for bacteria to hide, which means you won’t have to worry about fungal or urinary tract infections developing.

You get the tools that you need to encourage your body in every way to create cell division, which in turn creates a heavier, thicker, and ultimately bigger penis.

Compared with other products in our top 5, the Quick Extender Pro has more to offer, is easier to use and is more comfortable along with giving better, faster results.


Quick Extender Pro Price & Discounts

Quick Extender Pro offers several different packages for you to choose from:

  • Value Edition – Includes device (with DSS support), 3000 gram tension springs, harnesses, comfort straps & pads, and more

Ideal for starters. It is cheap and comfortable. You should get good results.

Used to be the best seller, now after price drop men prefer the Deluxe.

Best price online $119

You save 75%


  • Deluxe Limited Edition – You get the DSS System; 4000 gram tension springs; harnesses, comfort straps & pads, 3 months of Rizer XL, penis pump, and more.

The best seller. Best comfort. Best results. All you need in one place.

Best price online $349

You save 75%


  • Curvature & Peyronies Edition – Includes device (with DSS support), 4000 gram tension springs and penis straightening kit.

This is the best choice for if you want it ALL e.g. penis straightening and engagement in one go.

Best price online $349

You save 75%


If you’re thinking about trying this product for yourself, then there are three packages from which you can choose, based on your personal needs.

  • The best option is the Deluxe Limited package. It offers you a double set of spare parts for the spring tension force that is featured within this extenders design. Priced at $349, it comes with a 6 month guarantee and $250 worth of bonus products.
  • The second option to consider is the Deluxe Standard package. It also comes with the 6 month guarantee. There are fewer bonus items included, but the Guide to Harder Erections video is definitely worthwhile! This package is $179.
  • The budget option is the Value package, currently priced at $119. It doesn’t offer any bonus items, but does include the carrying case and parts needed for a good tension experience. There is no guarantee included with this package and the product warranty is only good for 60 days.

upIf you decide that the Quick Extender Pro is the best option to meet your needs, then our recommendation would be to invest into the Deluxe Limited package.

Although the added cost of the supplements might turn some guys off, the 4000g of spring tension force and the lifetime warranty for the product are well worth the investment.

You’ll also get extra spare springs, something that the other packages don’t provide.

downThe one negative of purchasing this extender: there’s no free shipping option, not even with the Deluxe Limited package.

What Are the Expected Results of the Quick Extender Pro?

In short, you should expect to get a bigger penisresults.

You can experience greater lengths, bigger widths, and even harder erections when you make a long enough time investment into this product.

The key to a successful experience is to not place too much tension on the penis itself.

A light pressure, but one that can be felt, is the way to go. Too much pressure can cause an injury and the reality is that it won’t encourage faster cell division.

This is also where you’ll experience the 1 real benefit of the Quick Extender Pro.

Because the weight of the product is more evenly distributed along the shaft, it takes less overall tension to replicate the results of other extenders.

This allows for greater comfort for some guys and that means longer periods of wear, which is absolutely needed in order for better results to be achieved.

Whatever your penile size and shape is the Quick Extender Pro can help you to get a bigger penis, easy.

Should You Be Ordering the Quick Extender Pro Today?

guaranteeIf you are looking for a top-of-the-line extender device that’s both comfortable and affordable, then this might be the product you need to buy.

It is a complete system devoted to enlarging your penis with more comfort than you can even imagine.

Although some guys prefer the strap support systems of the competition, the DSS system is still an excellent system and many guys actually find it easier to use and get better results.

Our best advice is this: no matter what product you decide to purchase, it is important to avoid the cheapest versions that are produced by any manufacturer.

The quality of the device seems to be great, results are easy to achieve, and that ultimately leads to high levels of satisfaction.

We encourage you to make a wise choice today.

If you believe the Quick Extender Pro will work for you based on the information that you’ve seen here, then take the plunge and get it.

Yes, we definitely recommend buying this device.
Simply put it’s the best device you can purchase.

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