Male Edge Review – TOP Rated Extender

Examine a Male Edge Penis Stretcher and you’ll notice that it is practically identical to the infamous Jes Extender device. It’s even manufactured by a spin-off company of DanaMedic called DanaLife.

male-edgeSince it’s common knowledge that Jes Extender has always been a superior (although greatly overpriced) product, we decided to research and test Male Edge to see if its quality was comparable to Jes Extender.

What made us rate Male Edge in TOP 3?

We were delighted, after extensive research & testing, to find that Male Edge was every bit as effective as Jes Extender.

The major difference between the two products is that Male Edge is far more affordable. Why spend significantly more money just to get the Jes Extender name? It makes far more sense to buy Male Edge when it offers up the very same benefits as Jes Extender, such as:

  • High Level of Comfort – offers tools, such as extra protection pads and rubber straps, that make wearing the device comfortable
  • Easy to Use – device is lightweight, simply designed, and easy to use
  • Utilizes Principal of Traction – uses proven technique of traction (stretching) to enlarge your penis
  • Online Training Program – provides online instruction
  • Customer Forum – provides helpful forum so you can communicate with other customers to find out their experiences with the product
  • Double-your-money-back Guarantee – Valuable offering that will double your money back if you are unsatisfied for any reason
  • Affordable Prices – much cheaper than Jes Extender
  • Doctor recommended device – medically endorsed

Male Edge rated in our top 3, which tells you that we think it’s a high-quality, well-designed product that delivers astounding results. Many customers report increases in the size of their penises up to 28% in length and up to 19% in girth. Can you see why it rated so highly on our list? SizeGenetics and Quick Extender Pro were the only two products that rated higher.

This product was thoroughly tested by our team of experts before being rated for this Male Edge Penis Extender Review.


Believe it or not, Male Edge’s prices don’t break the bank!! They are quite affordable so if you are looking for quality but don’t have lots of money to spend, you might want to consider purchasing this device. Take a look at their prices:

  • Basic Retail Package – $179.00 – includes device, rubber strap, ruler, training program, customer forums, product support
  • Extra Retail Package – $199.00 – includes device, 2 straps, ruler, comfort pads, travel-size bag, training program, customer forums, product support
  • Pro Retail Package – $219.00 – includes device, 4 straps, ruler, comfort pads, gauze, training program, customer forums, product support

All of the Male Edge packages come with double-your-money-back guarantees!! Who is going to offer a guarantee like that unless they know they have a superior product?

Even the most basic package comes with extra bonuses, including a valuable online instructional training program. The customer forums included with all package sizes are very advantageous because they provide a way for you to compare your experiences with other men, ask questions, and provide feedback.

We recommend that you choose the Pro Retail Package for $219.00 if you decide to order. The difference between it and the cheapest package is only $40 and you will get extra tools (including pads and straps) that you would probably have to end up ordering eventually anyway. Male Edge’s prices are so affordable that it makes ordering their most valuable package easy.

Is Male Edge worth the money it costs?

Yes, Male Edge is a very good deal for you. Just think, you are getting a product that is so similar to Jes Extender that it could be its twin. The difference is, Male Edge’s prices range from $179 to $219 while Jes Extender’s range from $239 to a whopping $1399. Now, that’s a difference you can feel! With a high-quality, durable product like Male Edge, you are getting a bargain!

Remember, most Male Edge customers have experienced significant increases in penis size. Many report a 28% growth in length & a 19% growth in girth. That’s remarkable.

Should you purchase this product?

Male Edge is a very good product, especially for people who can’t afford the prices that SizeGenetics & Quick Extender charge. While it doesn’t rate as the best one, it still comes in top 3, making it a choice you should consider. No, it doesn’t come with the same fancy features as SizeGenetics & Quick Extender, it’s still a very durable & guaranteed device. If you ever wanted to purchase the Jes Extender but couldn’t afford it, now’s your chance to get its twin.

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