Penis Extension on a Budget

Hopefully by now, you are aware how effective and impressive penis extenders can be.

Clinical studies and endorsements from doctors around the world speak volumes to the quality and efficacy of this method. Despite the results, some are hesitant to try extenders due to a wide range of prices and seeing models that cost over $200.

There is hope for the budget minded though. For beginners looking to get their feet wet before making a larger investment there are quality options for around $100. So there are great choices to introduce yourself to penis extenders.

Vimax Extender: $99

vimaxextenderVimax offers a solid entry-level device at only $99. It’s a great price point but you have to keep in mind that the Vimax Extender model is a noose style fixation.

That means a plastic tie that attaches to your penis, not the most comfortable option.

Higher-end models offer a noose fixture as well as a strap attachment. The strap attachment is a wide fabric band with Velcro closure, which allows for greater comfort and a safer experience.

Verdict: Great price, less than optimal comfort.

Size Genetics Ultimate Extender (Starter): $145.99

sizegeneticsSize Genetics is one of the most respected manufacturers of penis extenders, and they offer a starter device at the lowered price of $145.99.

This is a stripped down version of their ultimate model, offering only a noose style attachment. While a noose isn’t ideal, at least with Size Genetics, it is the highest quality possible.

Verdict: Higher quality, but still uses the noose fixation.

X4 Labs Starter: $130

x4-labs-2013This one is your best option, if for no other reasons that flexibility and options.

X4 is one of the premier manufacturers, and this model comes with the 18 way hybrid support system that offers unmatched flexibility and comfort. With the hybrid style support, you can choose the best of noose style or strap style fixation. Strap style offers a more comfortable system of wide fabric straps that secure your penis more comfortable with Velcro closure. You can choose which combination or style works best for you.

Verdict: Not the cheapest, but nicely in the middle with more options and greater comfort than the competition.

In a process that can seem overwhelming, some of the higher quality manufacturers have tried to make entry into the penis extending process easier and more accessible. With a lower price point, they have ensured that penis enhancement is available to everyone who needs it- regardless of budget.