Penis Exercises + Extenders = Maximum Benefits

If you want to maximize the benefits you’re getting from your penis enlargement program, try adding penis exercises to your routine.

increase-penis-sizeBoth enlargement methods are designed to trigger your manhood’s growth function and cause events to occur that will cause the tissue cells of your penis to multiply, increasing both its length and girth.

Stretching involves using exercises and stretching devices to pull on your penis so that it will grow in size. Exercises require your own manual labor and extenders use traction force to bring about change. Together, they deliver better results.

What added benefits do Penis Exercises offer?

Penis exercises are considered an enlargement method, although they take a long time to work on their own. In addition to making your penis larger, they also give you more control over your ejaculations while improving your sexual stamina.

These exercises work by increasing blood flow into your penis, which greatly speeds up the enlargement process. When combined with another enlargement method, they produce better results more rapidly.

You can find individual exercises to work on your own (such as PC & Jelqing Techniques) or you can join an online exercise program (such as PenisHealth). PC exercises involve gaining good control over your PC muscle (that controls urination) and Jelqing involves “milking” and stretching the penis.

A good quality program such as PenisHealth will supply you with many different types of exercises to fit any need you may have.

What are the advantages gained by using Penis Extenders?

penis-extenderPenis extenders enlarge your penis by using traction.

They stretch your manhood little by little over time until permanent change takes place. The stretching causes tiny tears to form in the tissues of your organ. Extra tissue forms as the tears heal because new cells and blood rush to the tear in order to heal it. The new tissue causes your penis to enlarge in size.

There are many advantages to using an extender for penis enlargement. They are:

  • the only tried-and-proven form of permanent penis enlargement
  • safe, effective, and side-effect free
  • guaranteed to work as long as you order a quality, reputable device
  • often come complete with a penis exercise program (if you order a quality device)

Using a penis extender is not an overnight miracle to fast growth but it is a method guaranteed to work as long as you consistently work your program. No other male enhancement product on the market can make this claim.

When combined with penis exercises, you will experience faster results.

What are the advantages of combining Exercises with an Extender?

Combining an exercise program with your penis extender will jumpstart your enlargement program, making you see results much faster than using one method alone. It also delivers these advantages:

  • Greatly improved blood circulation
  • Control over ejaculations
  • Rock-hard, strong erections
  • Increased Endurance & Sexual Stamina
  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure
  • Larger and Straighter Penis (stretching is a treatment for Peyronies Disease)
  • Improved Self Esteem

ph-sgThe best way to work your combination program (exercises/stretchers) is to exercise your penis 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after wearing your stretcher every day.

This is a total of 20 minutes exercise time daily.

Read the directions on your stretcher/extender to find out how long you need to wear it each day. This timed routine is the best & fastest way to increase your size, improve your stamina, harden your erection, and intensify your orgasms.

Stretching is the safest & fastest way to make your manhood bigger.

Although other methods have come along and tried to claim they provide permanent enlargement, they haven’t proved themselves effective.

Stretching (by way of exercises & extenders) is the only proven method of penis enlargement and is one that will work beautifully for you.