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  • Don’t listen what they say, penis size does matter and it has always mattered
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OK, but how can I make my penis bigger and harder?
Is penis enlargement possible?

7760-sg-cta01Yes, you can enlarge your penis size if you use the right products and methods.

Although all penis extenders in our Top 5 list will do the job, we highly recommend you choose the Quick Extender Pro.

Quick Extender Pro Penis Enlargement System, rated as #1 is the best way to go, we do believe.

Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

Yes, it is safe when you use medically supported and doctor approved methods and products, for example: Quick Extender Pro.


What works best for fast, safe and permanent penis enlargement?

clinical-reportClinical studies and our in-depth research show that only penis stretching done by a penis extender works for permanent penis enlargement.

It has been listed in various reputable journals such as “The Daily Mail”, “BBC”, “Channel 4” and “GQ magazine” that stretching does work, and actually works very well for penis enlargement.

No other method is as effective and safe as penis stretching by a penis extender.

What do I need to start penis enlargement right now?

You need a high quality, comfortable-to-use, medically approved and tested penis stretcher.

There are only a few really good products on the market you can choose from, you can take a look at our comparison of the Top 3 products.

We believe Quick Extender Pro penis stretching extenders are significantly better than all other products in terms of comfort, ease of use, and results.

Actually with the Quick Extender Pro products, you get all you need at very reasonable price. They have been on the market for years, all with positive user feedback.

They offer a wide range of packages to choose from, priced from $74 to $299. Each package comes with different set of benefits.

Although you won’t go wrong with each of top 3, we do recommend you try the best.

What should I do?

You should wear a penis stretcher for a few hours a day. The more you wear the penis stretcher, the more gain in size you will achieve. If you choose a comfortable traction device, which is equipped with a comfort strap and memory foam, you can easy wear it for a couple hours a day without any inconvenience.

What not to do?

scam-warningAccording to our research, and questions we answer daily, men tend to fall into advertisement traps. This means they either order something they won’t use, because it is so bad in terms of quality or absolutely uncomfortable to wear, or something that does not work at all such as pumps, pills or penis exercise programs.

If we have to point out the 3 biggest mistakes you should avoid, they are:

  1. Pills, pumps, creams, patches and creams DO NOT work. If somebody advises you to use them, you should look somewhere else.
  2. Price means nothing. There are both cheap and expensive products that you won’t use or won’t see any results from using.
  3. Don’t believe the hype; you can’t add 5 inches in 5 days. Penis enlargement is possible, but it takes some time and patience.

Penis stretching by wearing a penis extender device is the only way to enlarge your penis size. Order only high quality products that are equipped with a comfort strap and memory foam.

What is the best penis enlargement program/product?

We believe the best penis enlargement product nowadays is the system offered by Quick Extender Pro.

Take a look at our comparison table for more information on how we compared products, and why we rated Quick Extender Pro as the best choice.

What results should I expect if I order Quick Extender Pro penis enlarger now?

  • Bigger Penis: most men see a 12-17% increase in penis length and a 7-8% increase in girth.
    • The more you wear the Quick Extender Pro, the faster and more drastic results
    • 15% increase in penis length means if you are 5.7”now, you get 0.85”more length
    • Anything beyond 18-20% increase in penis length is not possible, nor is it healthy. If somebody promises you more than that, they are scamming you.
  • Straighten penis: Stretching helps to not only increase the size, but corrects penis curvatures (also known as curved penis, bent penis, Peyronies Disease).
    • A straight penis looks bigger and sexier than a curved one, and is perceived better by women. We ran an anonymous poll for a month in a very popular women’s magazine, and it indicated most women do prefer a straight penis over a bigger one.
    • There are men who wear penis traction device (aka penis stretcher) because they are more concerned by penis curvature, rather than their penis size. Even if you don’t want a bigger penis (who wouldn’t want it?!), wearing a stretcher can only help you.
  • Better & harder erections: when you stretch your penis, the traction force that actually does the stretching causes cell division in your Corpora Cavernosa (what is inside your dick and makes it hard when erected). This natural and safe process forces more blood flow to your penis shaft, thus you get harder and stronger erections. The more cells there are into your Corpora Cavernosa, the bigger your penis and the harder your erection.

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Should I start my penis enlargement today?

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Don’t listen to what they say, penis size does matter, and it has always mattered.
Women do prefer a larger and harder dick, just like you like big tits.

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