Penis Enhancement without taking Pills

When you think of male enhancement products, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Penis Pills? It’s common sense to associate pills with penis enhancement but, actually, there are other, more effective methods. Sure, it’s nice to pop a pill and get an instant erection but is it worth the price you might have to pay later?

The Problem with Pills

Several manufacturers have developed high-quality pills in recent years but do they really work to deliver male enhancement benefits?

pills-scam Some men swear they do but others claim they don’t. It greatly depends upon the ingredients as to whether or not a pill will work for you.

The problem is that some of these same manufacturers make claims about their products that aren’t true.

For instance, many brand-name, top-rated pills lay claim to providing penis enlargement benefits.

None of these manufacturers have ever proven that their pills can enlarge your penis.


Because they can’t.

If they make false claims about enlargement, then what else are they fibbing about? It’s really hard to trust them after reading some of their advertisements. Even the FDA has put an end to some of them by shutting them down.

Another problem with pills is that you can’t be certain what’s in them.

Even the all-natural, herbal pills might pose a health risk because these types of “natural” products aren’t regulated the way over-the-counter and prescription medications are.

  • What happens if they contain substances that impact your health several years down the road?
  • Do we really know what the long-term side effects will be?

Since it’s beyond the scope of our organization to conduct in-depth research about penis pills and their short & long-term side effects, we decided to relate to you several methods of male enhancement that we find superior to pills anyway.

Best Male Enhancement Methods

Penis Pumps – Pumps are vacuum-type devices that use air or water to temporarily enlarge your penis. They are great at helping men who have erection problems (weak erections or erectile dysfunction). They do this by improving blood flow into the penis, which greatly enhances sexual performance. The best pumps use water instead of air and, when combined with exercises, deliver numerous male enhancement benefits.

Penis Exercises – Penis Exercises offer all types of helpful benefits. You can find stretching, jelqing, or PC muscle exercises on your own or join an online exercise program. Either way, the advantages you stand to gain are numerous, including a larger penis, stronger erections, and much more control over your ejaculations.

Penis Extenders (Stretchers) – Extenders are the best and safest way to enlarge your penis. They have been around for quite a while now and have proven themselves very effective. They work by traction to stretch your penis gradually, both in length and girth. These devices also work to improve blood circulation into the penis, enhance your sexual stamina, and harden your erections. Extenders are proven remedies for men with Peyronies Disease.

Your best results will be obtained by combining methods.

Using stretching exercises with either an extender or a pump will hasten & solidify your results.

Whether you want a larger penis or just want to experience a few male enhancement benefits, you should consider purchasing a high quality extender device or water pump and pairing either with stretching exercises. It isn’t necessary to use expensive Penis Pills to provide male enhancement benefits when you have 3 other good options that deliver better, safer results.