Penis Anatomy – All You Don’t Know About Good Sex And Sexual Satisfaction

You’ve probably heard the myth that men like sex more than women, right?

It’s a common staple of dead bedroom jokes, usually made by the type of men who claim that they just “don’t get” women.

Guess what?

You’ve probably also heard the saying that there’s a grain of truth in every joke, and this one is no exception.

Unlike men, women don’t just want sex. They want good sex.

While a few uncoordinated pumps can be enough to get most men off, women often find themselves neglected and lacking the kind of stimulation they need to orgasm. Hence the dead bedroom jokes—if a woman isn’t getting her needs fulfilled in the bedroom, of course she isn’t going to be enthusiastic about sex.

If you want to be a good in bed, one who is serious about upping his bedroom game and making her cum the way she deserves to, you need to start from the beginning and gain a basic understanding of how the penis works.

Why should I read this boring stuff!?

Of course everyone wants to learn tips and tricks to make the ladies squirt,


if you don’t even understand how things work with your own body,

there’s no chance you’ll be able to leverage your knowledge into giving her the pleasure she is looking for.

Ignorance is easy, but it’s also laziness that has killed many a bedroom.

Trust me,

we’ll skip the irrelevant fluff and get to what you need to know to make your sex life better.

First: What is the penis made of?

We know you “know” it.

But it is good to start with the basic.

The head of the penis is incredibly sensitive, mainly because it’s covered in nerve endings.

While from the outside the rest of the shaft looks relatively straightforward, if you look inside you’ll discover the urethra.

The urethra connects your bladder and the opening on the tip of your penis and is what allows you to urinate.

You’ll also find the Corpora Cavernosa, two cylindrical chambers that contain spongy erectile tissue responsible for giving you an erection.

Sensitive penis head, prostate, testicules, and spongy erectile tissue — that’s really all there that counts in terms of getting rock hard erections for mind blowing sex experience.

How does it work for you and your partner?

What happens inside of the body when the penis gets hard?

Contrary to what you might think, erections don’t start in the loins.

When it comes to arousal, there’s one organ that’s more powerful than the penis—the brain.

When you see something that you find titillating, exciting, arousing, your brain will start sending signals to various parts of your body.

Blood rushes to your genitals to prepare for sex, and the aforementioned Corpora Cavernosa (those spongy chambers in your penis) will fill with blood. If you’re stimulated further, an erection can last for a while; if not, they tend to die down within minutes.

Your body is intelligent enough to realize that it’s not in good taste to pop random boners in the middle of a mall when you’re staring at hot girls, but also that when you’re in the bedroom and receiving consistent visual and physical stimuli, you’ll probably need to stay hard for sex.

But that’s not what I want to know, you’re probably thinking at this point, how can I keep bigger, harder erections so I can please my partner?

Be patient.

By the end of this article, you’ll know how to maintain an erection for an hour, long enough to get any girl off if you play your cards right.

When you’re horny, why does your penis get bigger?

In short, because of evolution that wants sex to happen.

Longer answer: A flaccid penis has much more difficulty penetrating the vagina and continuing sexual intercourse, so you need it to be hard.

When you cum, a bigger penis will facilitate the deposit of sperm deeper inside of the woman’s body.

If there’s more blood inside of your Corpora Cavernosa supporting your penis, you’ll be able to maintain bigger, harder erections.

How much do penises vary in shape and size?

A lot.

Everyone knows about the big ones and the little ones, but penises can also vary in curviness, veininess, and many more aspects.

Despite what you might believe from porn, only 15% of men are over the length of 7 inches when erect, while only 3% are more than 8 inches long.

According to various studies conducted over the years, flaccid length ranges from 7-10 cm (which is 2.8-3.9 inches), while average erect length ranges from 12-16 cm (4.7-6.3 inches).

Why can’t every/my penis be perfectly straight, big, and nicely shaped?

Just because of natural genetic variation, it’s impossible for all male reproductive organs to be the same.

Some people are born a bit on the shorter side, while others suffer from something called congenital curvature where their penis is naturally bent.

Unlike length, however, curvature can also develop over time depending on personal habits.

Things like strange sex positions, tight underwear, and aggressive masturbation with a tight grip can end up causing your penis to become even more curved or, if the issue is serious enough, break.

There’s also Peyronie’s disease, which is when clumped scar tissue inside of the penis affects your erections. While they’ll still happen, your penis might end up curving upwards, downwards, or sideways because of the scar tissue preventing it from achieving a proper straight erection. Without treatment, Peyronie’s disease can become worse and is often linked to eventual sexual dysfunction.

Both bent penises and small penises might have a hard time staying erect and—more importantly—satisfying your partner in the bedroom.

While we’ve all heard the adage that “size doesn’t matter”, there’s a point to which it still does.

Even if you learn all sorts of fancy tips and tricks to get her aroused, having length to maneuver with when it comes to penetration is only ever a benefit.

Some of you who are already suffering from these issues might be quaking in your pants right now. Truthfully, there’s no need to fear. With the advancement of modern medicine, penis-straightening technology has emerged that not only help you straighten your curved penis, but also help increase your penis size through consistent pressure. These devices are approved by recognized medical associations, and are proven to be both safe and effective to use.

If you feel that your sex life has been negatively impacted by the fact that you’re a bit smaller or more curved than you’d like to be, then checking out penis-straightening devices will only benefit you.

Read on for a recommendation of the best one on the market.

The importance of the Corpora Cavernosa (Why do some men become much larger when they get erections, while others grow smaller?)

The answer to the above question lies in your Corpora Cavernosa.

Each man’s erectile tissue has a different capacity:

  • If you have more, you’ll experience more growth during an erection, aka a bigger, stronger, harder erection;
  • if you have less, then you’ll experience less and have a comparatively weaker erection.

It’s a matter of how much blood your Corpora Cavernosa can accommodate during arousal. If your spongy tissues are extra absorbant, you’ll be able to last longer during sex and pound your girl like a pro athlete. If not, then you might end up falling short (or soft) halfway through.

Increasing the Corpora Cavernosa’s capacity to hold blood is actually one of the core principles of penis enlargement. When you stretch the penis with penis-straightening devices, you also expand the Corpora Cavernosa’s capacity. It ends up holding more blood, and you end up getting a better, bigger erection.

Disorders like erectile dysfunction result when, for whatever reason, there’s not enough blood inside of those spongy tissues—that’s why all male enhancement treatments focus on driving blood to that area to help you get hard.

Increasing the Corpora Cavernosa’s capacity through penis enlargement will not only help you achieve a harder erection, but a bigger one as well.

Micro penis, chode penis, and thin penis—What are those, and how do they occur?

If you think that having a curved penis is the most of your woes, you’ve obviously never come across someone with a micro or chode penis.

Micro penises are exactly what the name implies: a penis that is so short that penetration is often difficult or impossible.

In medical terms, it’s defined as any penis shorter than 7 cm (2.75 inches) in length.

They are usually caused by genetics or hormonal disorders. More extreme cases might have to undergo surgical reconstruction to help the patient lead a more normal life.

A chode penis is even worse.

It’s not only short but also thick due to a similar Corpora Cavernosa.

Even though you can still technically get hard, you won’t have much luck trying to have sex, as penises like these are too small to penetrate the vagina.

Neither of these is to be confused with regular penises that are just on the slightly smaller side. If you’re a guy who feels self-conscious about being a bit short, cheer up. At least you don’t have one of these.

How to enlarge your (small) penis?

As mentioned before, the Corpora Cavernosa is instrumental in the size of your erections, and the only healthy, reliable way to do it is through stretching the penis with penis-straightening devices.

But how to do it?

Penis stretching can increase penis size.

When you stretch your penis, natural growth will occur due to forced cell divisions as new, healthy cells begin to form inside of your Corpora Cavernosa, therefore increasing its capacity.

These changes are permanent.

More importantly, it will improve the hardness of your erections due to all the new healthy cells that have been created to allow more capacity for blood storage.

Can you straighten a curved penis?

Yes, keep reading…

Whether you’ve got a real bent in your penis or are just slightly curved, there are several things you can do to fix that curvature.

But before tell you what wokrs we would like to make it clear… what don’t work.

  • Some men try to fix more mild curvatures by wearing tight underwear and purposefully pulling their curved manhoods to a different angle than the one it’s bent in.
  • Others try penis exercises of all kinds.
  • Still others have gone on to more drastic methods, such as injections, or even invasive surgery.

While these methods often sound good on paper, none of them are effective in reality.

Tight underwear runs the risk of suffocating your penis with high temperature, which decreases sperm production and is harmful for your sexual health, and sometimes ends up making the curvature even worse than it was.

More invasive methods like surgery and injections often result in lasting negative changes such as a shorter length, which definitely won’t help your sexual confidence.

What does work best?

So far the safest, most effective method out there is still penis-straightening devices that pull on your penis with a slow, consistent pressure.

This way your penis grows at a steady rate due to expanding Corpora Cavernosa, but doesn’t run the risk of experiencing permanent damage.

You’re in FULL control of the process and will probably even experience an increase in penis length in addition to all the other benefits like penis straightening, erection quality and overall penis health improvement.

Are bent erections always a problem?

It can be.

Small bent erections aren’t much of an issue, and can sometimes even prove helpful in stimulating a woman’s G-spot (provided, of course, that you know how to find it.)

Severe curves, on the other hand, can cause significant issues in your sex life.

Because of the strange angle they’re in, they can make switching between positions more difficult, and often poke into the woman’s inner vaginal walls in uncomfortable ways, making sex painful.

For the sake of your sex life and confidence, it’s definitely a good idea to look into straightening your penis if you have a penis shape you don’t like or you and your partner are not comfortable with.

Can a small penis be a problem?


If you don’t feel confident, you are more likely to struggle to perform in bed. We’ve talked about how arousal is psychological, so if you lack confidence in your own performance it will only distract you from being the best partner that you can be.

In addition to that, if your partner prefers feeling full during sex, that means that it might be difficult to satisfy her if you haven’t quite reached the length or girth that she likes.

Is there anything I can do if I don’t like my penis size or shape?


There’s nothing wrong with having a penis size or shape that’s non-standard.


If you feel that your penis is affecting your sexual performance, then penis stretching is the solution that you’re looking for.

If you have a traction device that comes with a treatment plans, you’ll be on track to fix your penis curvature and increase penis size as well as all the issues that come with them.

And you’re in luck.

There are a few reputable companies in the penis enlargement industry that are offering solutions for both penis curvature treatment and penis enlargement, all in one place.

If you’re interested in getting either of both of these issues fixed, we definitely recommend checking them out—they are industry standard because of the quality and versatility offered in their products.

However, we must also warn you to beware of low quality products.

Penis stretching is just like exercise: by forcing new cell divisions and therefore more growth in your Corpora Cavernosa, you give your penis the capacity for bigger, stronger erections. It’s a slow but steady process that’s completely natural.

When done correctly, it has no negative side effects and the results are permanent. That also means a change for the better in your sex life.


If you choose a low quality penis stretcher, on the other hand, results could be minimal or completely void. It might even result in injury or damage.

Penis enlargement and straightening only works when done correctly, so make sure you pick the right tools.