What You Need to Know About Penis Pumps, Extenders and Pills

There is no shortage of products for male enhancement and enlargement; from pumps and extenders to pills- the choices are overwhelming. With bold claims across the market, it can be difficult to know what the right choice is.

After all, this is an important and personal subject that deserves a good deal of thought and consideration. Before you make a purchase, you need to understand the differences between pumps, extenders and pills as well as what to expect- both the good and the bad.

Penis Pumps

No doubt this is probably the first thing that pops into your head when you think about penis enlargement. Certainly, photos and videos show quite an impressive result with the use of a penis pump. In fact, it can seem like an all-out miracle.

What is it they say about “too good to be true” though?

There are two major problems with pumps- they are dangerous and the results are only temporary. Dangerous because, you are applying incredible pressure on very sensitive tissue and engorging the blood vessels in your penis- and it is very easy to apply too much pressure.

warrningYou run the risk of burst blood vessels and possibly erectile dysfunction from improper use of a pump.

Also, you are not changing the physiology of your penis; you are merely applying pressure that will cause all the results to disappear quickly. This means that while a pump, when you used safely, can be a fun toy in the bedroom- but that is all it is- a toy.

Penis Pills

Erectile dysfunction medication and supplements are in great supply, and appear to be a quick fix that requires no effort. Certainly, being able to simply pop a pill and going about your day is very convenient.

dick-pillsHowever, pills can be very expensive and require a long term investment to see any possible results. Not to mention, results seem to be more elusive with pills.

Side effects are another concern you need to be aware of with penis pills. Everyone has a different tolerance level for the ingredients in most of these medications and supplements and the last think you want is to damage your health and the health of your penis.

Penis Extenders

Extenders, or stretchers, are likely the method that you are least aware of. The reason being, results are not immediate and for some the idea of wearing a device on your penis seems a bit daunting. The fact is, penis extenders are the only method of penis enhancement with a real track record of success with replicable and measurable results. Using a method that replicates the growth of tissue during puberty, penis extending produces real and permanent results. Better still; the results gained from a penis extender typically reach the maximum possible growth for penis enhancement. This means you can achieve maximum results with no side effects, and permanent gains.

penis-extenderYes, it is possible to finally make the gains you have desperately been hoping for in the size of your penis. No, not every manufacturer has your best interests at heart. You need to be educated and thoroughly research your options for penis enhancement. All of the methods listed here can achieve results, but penis extenders are the only method that is routinely clinically studied and endorsed by doctors for the stellar results. Find the method that will work best, and be safe for you and your penis.