The Lowdown on Penis Patches – Do they really work?

Penis patches are very similar, in formulation, to penis pills.

The main difference is that, instead of swallowing a pill, you affix a small patch to your body (usually on your upper thigh or lower abdomen). Patches are developed to work faster than pills because they deliver medications through the skin & are released immediately into the bloodstream.

What Ingredients are in Patches?

Most patches contain herbal ingredients, just like pills. The best ones to look for include Ginseng, Gingko, Saw Palmetto, Fo-Ti, and Damiana. These ingredients are well-known for improving sexual stamina, enhancing erections, stimulating sexual urges, and improving endurance.

Top-rated Penis Patches

The best male enhancement patches are, by far, PROenhance Patches.

Created by a very reputable manufacturer, these trans-dermal patches contain only natural ingredients and cause no side-effects whatsoever.

They deliver all the same benefits as pills, such as:

  • stimulating sexual urges
  • imparting fertility
  • strengthening the prostate gland
  • intensifying orgasms
  • increasing ejaculation volume
  • elevating self-esteem

PROenhance patches are somewhat more affordable than patches sold by other manufacturers. You can order a single package of them for around $39.15. They also come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Can Patches deliver Permanent Penis Enlargement?

The manufacturers of PROenhance Patches claim that their product prompts Penis Enlargement and many customer testimonials back that claim up.

We do believe that they will cause temporary enlargement during sexual intercourse due to increased erection size but we do NOT think they cause permanent enlargement. The only products that cause permanent penis enlargement, aside from surgery, are Penis Extenders.

Patches or Pills?

Patches, in general, do not have as good of a reputation as pills. Even though they are designed to work faster, many men claim they don’t. If you want to try patches, we would highly recommend that you purchase PROenhance Patches since they do have a great reputation for working so well.

Add Stretching to your Routine

If you decide to try patches, you should consider adding either an extender or penis exercises to your program. The combination of patches & stretchers (or stretching exercises) will definitely lead you towards permanent penis enlargement. The patches can offer temporary sexual benefits while you work your way towards permanent ones.