The Easiest Route to making your Penis Larger

Do you want a bigger manhood but don’t want to put in lots of time getting it?

If you want temporary enlargement, there are a few solutions but if you crave permanent results, you will need to change your thinking and devote yourself to working hard.

bigger-is-betterAfter all, it’s a known fact that women prefer bigger dicks, right?

Wouldn’t you rather have a bigger penis all the time as opposed to having a large erection only during sex?

Permanent penis enlargement is well worth the effort

Permanent penis enlargement isn’t a fast process but nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

Just think, if you don’t opt to start a penis enlargement program, what size will your penis be 3 to 6 months from now?

It will be exactly as it is right now. If you do choose to work hard and dedicate yourself to a permanent enlargement program for a few months, then you will be rewarded with a larger manhood for the rest of your life. The bottom line is that if you really want to see results, you will have to put in some effort.

The best and only way to get permanent results

What is the best route towards permanent enlargement?

The only proven method is by wearing a penis extender and working the program every day for several months (or however long the program requires). Your best bet is to purchase a high-quality extender from a reputable manufacturer who offers a guarantee (like SizeGenetics).

How do Extenders cause enlargement?

How does an Extender work?

showstep1_whatIt attaches to your penis (when it’s limp) and, over time, stretches it until it becomes larger.

deviceThe stretching causes little tears to form in the tissue but don’t worry…it doesn’t hurt and your body’s natural defense mechanisms (new cells & blood) will rush to repair the tissue. Since new cells are required for repair, the tissue becomes larger & takes up more space, thereby resulting in a larger organ. The more you work your program, the larger your penis becomes.

Depending on the program you work, you may have to wear the extender every day for up to 8 hours. You can do this when you’re home alone. The device is quite small so many men are able to wear it under their clothing undetected.

Results vary from man to man. Many experience gains of up to 1-1/2 inches after 2 short months of use and an additional inch after 3 more months. This may seem like a long time but just think…you could actually add 2-1/2 inches after 5 months!

Do you realize how significant those kinds of gains are? Wouldn’t your lady be impressed?

Add Exercises to your Extender Routine

To make the enlargement process work even faster, you can add penis exercises to your routine.

You can find these exercises online by yourself or join an online exercise program (such as PenisHealth, which is the best). Either way, you will be hastening your results by using them for just 10 to 20 minutes per day. They not only make the process faster, they help you gain control over your ejaculations and improve your sexual stamina.

Penis exercises come in many varieties, such as PC Muscle exercises, Kegel exercises, and Jelqing techniques. Many good penis extenders come complete with a membership to an online penis exercise program (as a free bonus). You should definitely check those out!


Short-term Routes to temporary enlargement

While Penis Extenders and exercises are long-term methods, you can also add some short-term, temporary measures to your program in order to see instant results (while you wait for permanent enlargement).

penis-pumpPenis Pumps

Penis pumps are good for temporary, instantaneous enlargement. They work by a process that uses air or water combined with vacuum to cause penis expansion.

Water pumps are the best and safest ones but air pumps will work decently if you combine methods.

They can pump up your penis for about an hour but it will go back down to normal size soon afterward.

Penis Pills

best-pillsPenis pills also provide temporary enlargement (Try Male Extra) and are convenient because all you do is pop them in your mouth (no work required). Your best pills contain only natural, herbal ingredients and they will increase your sperm production, elevate your ejaculation fluid levels, improve your sexual stamina, and keep you “hot” all the time.

Combine all 4 methods for short-term and long-term results

The road to permanent penis enlargement may not be fast OR easy, but it is guaranteed if you use a good penis extender paired with effective penis exercises. It is the only way to get the lasting results you want. In the meantime, while waiting for the enlargement to take place, try using a good pump and a high-quality penis pill. They will temporarily provide you with the size you crave until the permanent methods do their job.