Choosing the Safest Penis Extender

If you are looking into penis extenders, then obviously the health of your penis is important to you. However, to ensure the highest level of health, you have to take safety into consideration as well.

Penis stretching extenders can give you real and measurable results, but not all are created equal and some are just not safe. The potential for gains should never come at the cost of safety, which is why it is important for you to choose the right extender; one that is safe, comfortable and effective.


comfort-strap-extenderThe great thing about penis extenders is that they don’t promise some overnight miracle fix. The method is effective, but it isn’t fast. Much like your spurts in height didn’t occur in one day, neither will enhancing and extending your penis.

That is why it is vital that you choose a device that is comfortable to wear. You have to be able to make a commitment to wear your device for several hours a day, every day for several months. Putting in this time would be difficult, if not impossible if you couldn’t stand having it on.

Who can I trust?

You should consider brands like SizeGenetics, Jes Extender and X4 Labs; all of which have a strong record of comfortable and well-tested devices. The extenders offered by quality manufacturers like these have been extensively medically tested with incredible approval ratings and strong endorsement from doctors around the world.

The Advantage of Safety

There is always an inherent advantage in considering safety, we know that as creatures with a preservation instinct. For penis enlargement, it just so happens that the strongest results come from the safest devices using the safest method. Penis stretchers allow for the maximum results possible, with no pain and no discomfort. The medical studies and existing medical knowledge both agree, there is a limit to how much any one person can extend their penis. Time and time again, traction devices have shown an ability to reach these results permanently, quickly and with no side effects.

The benefits are clear; penis extending devices are the single best method of male enhancement. Other methods may be able to also achieve the maximum enlargement that extending reaches- but not with the consistency of penis extenders. When you consider that, along with the safety, comfort and lack of side effects; there is no better choice. Penis extenders stand proud against the competition.