How to Get a Harder, Bigger Penis?

Penis Extenders Can Enlarge Your Penis Quickly And Permanently

Find out what is the best
penis enlargement product, ever!

Regardless of all the published literature & scientific test results about proven penis enlargement methods, men still ask, “Does Penis Enlargement Really Work”?

Yes, you can add inches quickly and safely with a medical penis stretcher.

You must admit, it is a hard concept to take in, that you who have lived with small penis all your live can now make your penis larger and harder without surgery.

increase-penis-sizeSeems like it would take a miracle to make something of that magnitude happen, doesn’t it?

Penis Enlargement is very possible and it is science, not magic, that makes it happen.

The best method for fast and easy penis enlargement is stretching.

In fact, penis stretching is the only way to enlarge your penis permanently without going under the knife.

This method has been tested time and time again by independent gurus worldwide but also has the backing of the respected medical community.

The Best 3 Penis Stretchers:

(only tested as safe and effective for good results)

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Quick Extender Pro #1 SizeGenetics #2 Male Edge #3
Comfort The Best
57 Way Support
Comfort Support
User’s Rating up5 up3 up1
Guarantee 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee On Results 6 Month Money-back Up to 6 Month Money-back
Quality Top Quality Certified Medical Type 1 Devices, clinically tested.
Read our review Read our review Read our review

You may want to read our detailed reviews before making a purchase.


What should you look for when selecting a Penis Extender?

Before purchasing an extender device, make sure it offers the following qualities:

  • Clinically proven effectiveness for majority of men
  • High degree of comfort
  • All natural & side effect-free
  • Money back guarantee
  • Medical grade materials
  • Reasonable price (being overpriced does not make a product better)
  • Plenty of positive independent reviews and testimonials

Please note: both comfort and effectiveness are the most important qualities a device should possess. If it isn’t comfortable, you won’t use it long enough to see results.

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What do you stand to gain from using a Penis Stretcher?

The most obvious benefit will be, of course, a larger penis. Using a penis extender (stretcher) will enlarge your penis if you use it correctly but your results may differ from another man’s.

The speed at which you see results depends on several factors:

  • Quality & durability of the Extender you select
  • The amount of time (and how often) you wear the device
  • Whether or not you add other enlargement methods, such as stretching exercises, to your routine

testimonialsMost men see results very quickly.

Many of our readers contacted us to let us know they gained up to 2 inches in just 6 months of use.

Most men, however, reported that they wore the device for only 2 or 3 months and gained around 1 inch. Nearly all of these men said they stopped using the penis extender device because they were happy with the 1-inch gain.

There’s not a limit on how much your penis can enlarge. The more you choose to wear it, the larger it will be in the long run. Makes sense, right?

Keep in mind that you will get your best results from a high-quality, Quick Extender Pro penis stretcher.

After all, if it’s durable and built for comfort, then you will be able to wear it for longer periods of time.

Stretching devices are also the best method of correcting penis curvarute.
If you need to straighten out a curve, you will experience remarkable results if you select the appropriate penis extender.

okA side benefit of having a larger penis will be greatly enhanced self-esteem. Having a large penis makes any man feel more sexy and confident.


How does Penis Stretching work?


To the naked eye, Penis extenders look quite simple but it took years of scientific research, testing, and then improvements to develop them into devices that were lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to wear.

The three main parts of a stretcher are the base, stretching roots, and fixation straps.

deviceOnce the stretching device is attached to your penis, it pulls gently at it (stretching it) little by little. The stretching causes small tears and then cell division to form in the corpora cavernosa of your penis.

New blood cells rush in to repair the damage and, over time, the new tissue bulks up, causing an increase in penis size (length and girth). The longer you use the extender, the more new tissue you will form.

okYour penis will continue to getting bigger and harder as time goes by.


Are Penis Stretchers Safe to Use?


Penis stretchers are safe as long as you select high-quality, medically-tested devices.

safeThe best way to choose a penis extender is to look for a well-known, successful manufacturer of these types of devices & buy one of their best (most successful) products.

You will see lots of knock-off, cheap products on sites like EBay and Amazon but these devices are not what you want.

Sure, you may spend less money but you probably won’t see any results and you may be putting your penis at risk of injury.

It’s simply not worth taking a chance like that on a device that’s not medically certified or tested.

Out of the more than 23 penis stretcher products we’ve tested, we picked top 5 that we found to be high-quality, safe to use, and guaranteed to
enlarge your penis.

It would benefit you to read our comparison chart and choose one of our top 3 products.


Which is the absolute best Penis Extender on the market?

We determined Quick Extender Pro to be the best penis stretcher sold today.

7760-sg-cta01 Quick Extender Pro rated #1 with us because it offers many advantages other devices don’t have, such as:

  • DSS Comfort System – the perfect fit. Any shape. Any size.
  • Genuine Medical Certification – proves that the device has been endorsed by several different physicians (and even reveals their names)
  • Booster Pump – to strengthen your erections
  • Curved Penis Correction – aids in correcting penis curvature


Quick Extender Pro is designed to enlarge your penis quickly and easily.


Quick Extender Pro has over 16 years of experience in the penis enlargement industry so they know how to manufacture a jam-up product. They offer free shipping on all their products and even have their own fast delivery program. It’s clear that they are on top of their game because their devices sell better than any others.

The main reason they sell more devices is due to several factors:

  • They offer a complete enlargement system (all you need)
  • They instill a high level of comfort in their products
  • They sell only high quality, medical-grade products
  • They have happy satisfied customers (who recommend Premium Edition)
  • Their prices are competitive with other top-selling manufacturers

Pull up any customer reviews of Quick Extender Pro devices and you will read how satisfied customers are with their products. They always mention comfort, convenience, durability, ease of use, and satisfaction in their comments.

The only other manufacturer who comes close to Quick Extender Pro in terms of comfort and effectiveness is SizeGenetics.

Quick Extender Pro came in at #1 with us while SizeGenetics was #2 but it was a difficult decision to make because they both sell quality penis extender devices.

You may want to see the comparison table below before making a purchase.

Best penis extenders on the market (updated on November, 2019)

  • Quick Extender Pro with DSSFit Support – Order
  • SizeGenetics System
  • Male Edge Pro
  • Jes Extender Original Standard Comfort

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Should you add any other method to your Extender program to speed results?

It’s really not necessary to do anything else because using a penis stretcher by itself is sufficient enough to enlarge your penis. There is no other method that can provide permanent enlargement results but if you want to speed your progress, you could combine one or more of the following with your program:

  • Eat a healthy diet (including extra proteins & minerals)
  • Take all-natural male enhancement pills
  • Join a penis exercise program

Word of Warning

scam-warningYou should be forewarned that, although you will find many products advertised online, they all differ greatly in quality.

After reviewing over 23 different products, we found that most of them were poor quality knock-offs.

Rather than list the bad products on our site, we chose to list the top 5 good products you should choose from.

None of them are bad choices and any of them should work effectively for you. We do, however, encourage you to stick to the top 3 because they offer the best value for your money, come in different types & price ranges, and are high-quality, medically-tested penis extender products.

Last Word

Your ultimate concern should always be your health and safety.

Although we realize you want fast results and it might be tempting to purchase the first product you see that makes great-sounding claims, you must realize that many of these male enhancement products may not work as expected.

It pays off to do your research and purchase a product manufactured by a reputable, well-known manufacture. Natural male enhancement is always going to be your best bet because it’s safe, effective, and reasonably priced.

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